About Matthew
Matthew Henninger has a 30-year background in Corporate Finance, Mergers, Acquisitions and Operational Management.  Matthew has completed transactions globally and has advised, invested in and / or has worked as a “C” level manager in both publicly traded and privately held companies. 

Matthew has either operated, served on the board of directors, advised and / or completed transactions with companies in a wide range of industries that include but are not limited to; Marketing Organizations, Financial Services, LTL Transportation, Bio-Remediation, Short Line Rail Transportation, Medical Products, Medical Chemicals, Medical Services, Medical Software, Custom Candle Manufacturing, Environmental Engineering, Specialty Equipment Manufacturing, Clean Energy, Real Estate Development, Health Care Services, Telecommunications, Pet Food Manufacturing, Nutritional Supplements, and Business Services. 

In addition to his advocacy for important economic and civic issues, Matthew is a supporter of; The Stem for Life Foundation, The Morgan Library & Museum, NYU Langone Medical Center and The Wounded Warrior Project.

Matthew is or has been a member of the International Economic Development Council, the University Economic Development Association, the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, the National Association for Business Economics, the Community Development Society, the Community Development Venture Capital Association, the Council for Development Finance Agencies and the American Planning Association.

Matthew is currently the CEO of Cedi Group Holdings.  "CEDI" or the Collaborative Economic Dynamics Initiative is a privately funded economic impact organization focused on advocacy, economics and investment with the goal of growing regional economies globally.   www.cedi.com

Cedi Group Holdings operates; Cedi Capital Partners, a private investment firm ( www.cedicapitalpartners.com) and Cedi Economics, a capital markets research firm that promotes the value of long-term investing and economic impact through its EIV Rating system ( www.cedieconomics.com).

Prior to Cedi Group Holdings, Matthew served as the president of Red Lion Partners, a private investment firm.  Through Red Lion Partners, Matthew served as the Chairman and CEO of Promethean Corporation, a holding company that operated; a scented candle development and sales company and a nutritional supplement company.

Prior to Red Lion Partners, Matthew was the President of Nortia Capital Partners, a registered business development company.  Nortia Capital Partners made investment is the telecommunications' industry, the natural gas industry and pet food manufacturing.

Prior to Nortia Capital Partners, through his own consulting firm, Matthew was on the Board of Directors of Print Data Corporation and was the turnaround CEO of two candle manufacturing companies operating in the United States.

Prior to his consulting activities Matthew was the President of Logan & Fisher, a boutique merchant banking firm that offered private placement services, merger and acquisition advisory services and business development services for middle market companies.

Matthew was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio and has lived in Atlanta, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles.

Matthew currently resides in New York City with his love, Dr. Robin L. Smith.  Matthew has two children, Erica Henninger Nelson and Melissa Henninger Johansen as well as six grandchildren; Brennen, Hoyt, Merrick, Frank, Noah and Julia.